22nd December 2021: Digital Horizon, the new age venture capital fund and venture builder, is today launching its capsule collection of digital clothing designed for the venture capital investor of the future. The limited-edition collection is available on OpenSea. Investors and partners of Digital Horizon will receive an NFT as a gift, with a limited number of additional NFTs of the collection available for the wider public to purchase.

In collaboration with Alexander Kurmanin, a young digital and physical fashion designer, the collection is a playful attempt to understand and reflect the changes taking place in the worlds of venture capital and technology, through the medium of design. The clothing collection offers smart solutions to the challenges of the future — from clothes which protect the wearer’s identity, to inbuilt servers and wearable air filtration systems. All background images were created by NFT-artist Pavel Kharitonov.

Digital Horizon’s New Age of Venture capsule collection features five items:

Venture Warrior — an outfit for important negotiations and meetings, featuring a nano-crystal mesh for hacking protection and a gala-pixel biometric display.

Unicorn Whisperer — focuses on reliability for the wearer, including a portable server and CyberID technology for secure login to anything.

Green Factor — is technology’s answer to casualwear, with a built-in air filtration via a portable electricity generation system and storage.

Exoscout — is designed to adapt to all conditions, featuring microcomputers and new material «BiPlastBlock», which creates a microclimate suited to the wearer.

Neo Normcore — reimagines comfort, including pressure and humidity control sensors and functional printed circuit boards.

Collection Designer, Alexander Kurmanin commented: «The future is full of unknowns. One that fascinates me is: how will the clothes of the future be able to meet our future needs?

«For this project we have created five items for the world of tomorrow, from thermal control and integrated technology to external connectivity. This clothing of the future is a fusion of high technology, minimalistic design and convenience.»

About the capsule collection outfits:

1. Venture Warrior

Digital_Horizon_Venture Warrior.png

  • This suit is the outfit for important negotiations and meetings.
  • The jacket’s nano-crystal mesh provides complete protection of the wearer’s identity, as well as protection from hacking.
  • The shirt — made of gala pixels — can display any information necessary and includes sensors which read the wearer’s biometric indicators and provide an accurate assessment of their physical condition.
  • The trousers contain a motherboard, which acts as a portable server and makes it possible to work from anywhere in the world.

2. Unicorn Whisperer

Digital_Horizon_Unicorn Whisperer.png

  • This outfit focuses on reliability for the wearer.
  • These overalls consist entirely of a large portable server that can process up to 3TB of data per second, meaning all your information is at your fingertips.
  • Forget about storing passwords because the new CyberID technology adjusts to all possible types of user indications and access is generated automatically when needed, thanks to sensors on the sleeves.

3. Green Factor

Digital_Horizon_Green Factor.png

  • This minimalist outfit is technology’s answer to casualwear.
  • The jacket is equipped with a portable electricity generation system — air enters the blades and gills of the jacket, undergoes a cleaning system and a complex method processing it into electrical discharges.
  • The output is the cleanest air, as well as kilowatts of electricity generated. Batteries are built into the trousers, which collect and store the electricity.
  • This system is the best answer to the issue of air pollution.

4. Exoscout


  • This outfit is ready for anything — from changing weather to the latest technological updates and advances.
  • The technology is everywhere — starting from weaving fabric «hackathon» (which protects from any external natural or man-made attacks) and ending with the new material «BiPlastBlock», which adjusts to the wearer’s preferences and creates a personal microclimate.
  • Microcomputers in the sleeves perform computational processes, ensuring the outfit functions correctly.
  • Modularity is key — choose which elements of the outfit you need today. This is a chance to experiment and work out your unique style.

5. Neo Normcore

Digital_Horizon_Neo normcore.png

  • This design is all about comfort.
  • A comfy, classic knitted fabric made of soybeans and recycled paper that protects the finest wires, as well as pressure and humidity control sensors.
  • The technology in this suit is used intelligently and the functional printed circuit boards on the back allow you to connect other components to expand the memory, add improved optics and make other changes without issue.

About Digital Horizon:

Digital Horizon is an international investment company that runs a venture fund and a venture builder. Digital Horizon VC invests in startups with viable products and traction in fields like finance and enterprise software. Digital Horizon venture builder has built eight companies, among which are Factorin, the blockchain platform for trade finance, Aximetria, a cryptocurrency app with a Swiss license, open banking platform Apibank and, virtual marketer Max.

About Alexander Kurmanin:

Alexander Kurmanin is a digital and physical fashion designer, based in Russia.

As well as creating successful virtual collaborations with popular art directors and participating in numerous innovative projects around digital design, Alexander recently released a collection of physical clothes for the SHEIN marketplace as part of the SHEIN X project.

Alexander has previously collaborated magazines including Cactus and InStyle Russia and regularly lectures on digital fashion and its use in industry.

About Textel:

Texel. Moda is an instant virtual try-on and size advice solution for fashion eCommerce.

Texel’s technology is based on artificial intelligence and generative networks (GAN). It can recognise core body features using one photo and then precisely dress a person in a new outfit. This solution works with both digital and real clothes.

Now brands and e-shops in different countries use it to create digital fitting rooms and provide their customers with a new shopping experience. The virtual fitting may also be followed with size recommendations for basic parameters (height, weight, age, body type) based on the largest database of 3D scans collected by Texel.

Texel full body 3D scanners are used in 27 countries to conduct sizing studies in apparel industry, to teach digital clothes design in education, to create digital avatars in marketing and provide body measurements in fitness.