We are able to achieve rapid project launch speeds largely to partners who share venture builder team’s commitment to open innovation. This is not just another buzz word for us but rather a quick way of solving challenges of those involved in the process.
Venture fund
All companies Exits
Founders: Matthew O'Riordan, Paddy Byers
Ably provides APIs to build powerful, reliable, and scalable realtime apps.
Founders: Justina Tartilaite, Freddie Digby
A fintech startup blazing a trail in a new category of tax-based financing.
Founder: Kingsley Advani
Cloud-based fundraising software for private funds.
Angle Health
Founders: Anirban Gangopadhyay, Tylon Wang
A full stack AI-enabled insurance company that sells and underwrites group policies for employees of startups and SMEs.
Founders: Guillermo Vicandi, Juan Antonio Rullán
Leading mobile-first neobank of Spain.
Founder: Ryan Breslow
A checkout experience platform that helps retailers convert and retain more of their shoppers.
Founder: Henry Ward
A global ownership management platform that helps companies, investors, and employees manage equity and ownership.
Founders: Juan Altamirano, Agustin Novillo Saravia, Emiliano Segura
A tech enabled provider of ultra-fast shipping for businesses in Latin America.
Founders: Darren Westlake and Luke Lang
Equity-based crowdfunding platform for businesses and startups.
Founder: Freddy Macnamara
Insurtech startup offering flexible car and travel insurance through its mobile app.
Founders: Rob Curtis, Billie Simmons, Paul Barnes-Hoggett
The first LGBTQ+ digital banking platform in the United States.
Founders: Rohit Taneja, Pratik Daudkhane
API banking platform for financial integrations.
Founders: Norman Muller, Rene Serrano
A Mexican fast-growing challenger bank.
Founders: Ritankar Das, Jonathan Roberts, Christian Smith
AI optimized telehealth provider.
Co-founder: Alain Nteff
Pan-African O2O business focused on building the healthcare ecosystem and improving access to infrastructure.
Founders: Peter Panas, Will Ongkowidjaja
Neobank in Indonesia with revolutionary credit card proposition.
Hour one
Founder: Oren Aharon
A world’s leading trusted provider of synthetic characters based on real-life people.
Founders: Niklas Adalberth, Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Victor Jacobsson
E-commerce payment solutions platform for merchants and shoppers.
Founders: Shai Wininger, Daniel Schreiber
Full stack insurance company powered by AI and behavioral economics, and driven by social good.
Market Beyond
Founders: Yuval Yifrach, Eran Dror, Shachar Baryamin
Company provides clients with actionable, real-time, product level insights to increase eCommerce market share.
Market Kurly
Founder: Sophie Kim
A food delivery and logistics platform that enables its users to order food online.
Mel Science
Founder: Vasily Filippov
Educational startup focused to change early science education with a combination of up-to date VR technologies and hands on experience.
Founders: Roy Mann, Eran Zinman
Team management ecosystem empowering businesses to build their own productivity tracking and collaborating environments.
My interview
Founders: Benjamin Gillman, Guy Abelsohn
A platform for customized one-way video interviews that bring resumes to life.
Founders: Omri Dor, Roey Dor
US-based provider of deposit free solutions for residential real estate tenants.
Founder: Hussein Ahmed
A modern financial platform for the 21st-century economy providing digital natives, creators & entrepreneurs consumer and business banking.
Founders: Oskar Bruening, Ruzwana Bashir
B2B SaaS provider for SMBs and mid-market companies in travel industry (tours and activities).
Founder: Alessio Alionço
A low-code process automation platform that increases team productivity, centralizes data, and standardizes processes for teams in Finance, HR, Customer Service, and more.
Founders: Apoorv Kumar, Chitresh Sharma
An earned wage access platform that empowers full-time and contracted employees with real-time access to pay.
Founder: Ronny Sage
A leading embedded donation service for e-commerce merchants.
Founders: John Downie, Oleg Mukhanov
An app for gig/hour economy workers that provides a money advance during income drops.
Founders: Joel Bar-El, Dror Feldheim
Cloud-based retail management solutions.
Visual Factories
Founder: Matti Tiano
Platform which improves operating efficiency of equipment (OEE).
Founders: Karan Shanmugarajah, Joe Campbell, Yannick Brunner
A supplier of investment infrastructure for companies looking to offer digital investment services.
Founder: George Basiladze
A native checkout and crypto gateway uses embedded finance technology in order to simplify purchasing of NFTs and other DeFi products.
Venture builder
All companies Exits
Co-founders: Alan Vaksman, Alex Rivkind
Digital access to fast-growing private companies for brokers and wealth management firms.
Co-founder: Yury Panov
Intelligent marketing and advertising service for the UK SMEs.