April 4, 2019 ― Digital Horizon international venture fund has participated in the seed investment round of high-tech startup Market Beyond. This round totaled $4 million USD with UK's Hetz Ventures and Yahal Zilka, one of Israel's leading venture capitalists, also participating in this round. Digital Horizon invested $1 million USD.

Market Beyond is a B2B tech company, headquartered in Tel Aviv. Its team has developed an e-commerce tool, which allows online retailers to increase sales and expand their market share. Market Beyond uses artificial intelligence to process data on billions of online transactions in order to pinpoint weaknesses in product assortment, pricing models, and other conversion factors and suggest how deficiencies can be corrected. Industry giants including eBay, Walmart, and other Fortune 500 companies are among Market Beyond's clients.

Market Beyond plans to use the funds raised during this investment round to finance further growth.

"Market Beyond is a project that fully aligns with our investment ethos, meeting our key criteria. We share a similar international business strategy as the Market Beyond team and value its commitment to international expansion," said Alan Vaksman, founder of Digital Horizon. "We invest in high-growth technology companies with an existing client base and the potential to become undisputed leaders in their sectors. Israel is an important region for our investments, as is Europe," he added.

About the companies

Digital Horizon is an international investment company, integrating a technology incubator with a venture fund. The incubator, working on venture-build models, is responsible for groundbreaking projects in finance, retail, marketing, and media. Digital Horizon invests in early-stage startups with products and services that hold great promise for the so-called industry 4.0 (software, marketplaces), retail and financial sectors. Find out more at www.digitalhorizon.vc

Market Beyond is an Israeli analytics company, founded in 2016 by Yuval Yifrach, Eran Dror and Shachar Baryamin. Market Beyond uses AI technologies to turn market analytics into digestable information for online retailers. The company's goal is to enable retailers and brands to take steps towards increasing their share of the e-commerce market. Market Beyond provides Fortune 500 companies such as eBay and P & G with up-to-date information on products that allows retailers to be informed and sell more of what people want, thereby maintaining their competitiveness. Find out more at https://themarketbeyond.com