On June 30, 2021 Digital Horizon Venture Fund participated in series B round for Ably — the platform that powers synchronized digital experiences in realtime. The funding round was closed at $70 million, it was co-led by Insight Partners and Dawn Capital LLP.

By 2025, realtime data will make up 30% of all global data. Realtime interactions underpin such digital experiences as virtual events, news and financial information, or connected IoT devices.

However, building realtime data synchronization involving multiple devices remains a complex and costly task. Ably simplifies this; it is the de facto platform for developers at organizations of all sizes. Currently, Ably reaches 250 million devices; its clients include Bloomberg, HubSpot, Hopin, Verizon, and Tennis Australia.

Alan Vaksman, Founder and Managing Partner at Digital Horizon:

"Our ubiquitous transition to digital has increased the pressure on tech infrastructure as the volume of data required for effective interaction with users has multiplied. This situation has become a serious challenge, and the Ably team has solved it brilliantly. We believe that the existing trends will help the company deliver on their ambitious plans."

To fuel its growth, Ably plans to grow a strong US presence and almost triple its UK team by adding 125 hires to 65 current employees.

About Digital Horizon and Ably

Digital Horizon is an international investment company bringing together a venture fund and venture builder. Digital Horizon Venture Fund invests in early-stage startups that have built functional products and promising know-how in finance, e-commerce, education and corporate SaaS industries. Digital Horizon Venture Builder delivers breakthrough projects in finances, marketing, and media industries jointly with its partners. The Digital Horizon team has unique expertise and a vast network in industries of interest.

Ably was founded in 2016. The platform powers synchronized digital experiences in realtime. Organizations such as Bloomberg, HubSpot, Hopin, Verizon and Tennis Australia depend on Ably to offload the growing complexity of business critical realtime data synchronization so they can grow revenue and market share.

In the same way that content delivery networks simplify and underpin large parts of the internet, Ably is the invisible platform and infrastructure layer powering the realtime revolution on a global scale. For more information, please visit ably.com.